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Maintenance Strategy Development

We at i-PAM know that business results of asset-intensive organisations are directly and massively influenced by the care with which the individual maintenance jobs are executed. Improvement initiatives and management actions will not yield any benefit unless it influences the “what” and the “how” of the artisans and technicians work.

To confidently insist that maintenance plans are adhered to, and to verify the quality of individual maintenance jobs require a reference of high integrity. This is in our experience what the ultimate purpose of maintenance strategy development is: To create a definition of the work that is to be done to specific types of equipment, for my company’s unique operating conditions.

A sound maintenance strategy provides a baseline for on-going improvement. It also allows for the definition of meaningful “failure codes” with-out which strategy improvement in a structured manner is impossible.



Practical experience has taught that a number of constraints can limit current levels of asset availability.


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